Escrow-related Services

Are you purchasing real estate in Florida? Selling real estate in Florida? Are you about to enter into a real estate contract and relying on your realtor to hold your escrow deposit? Cases of escrow deposit commingling or fraud are on the rise. Escrow agents in Florida hold a fiduciary duty to the buyer or seller to hold escrow deposits on real estate contracts in a special account, not commingled with personal funds, until the conclusion of the real estate transaction. In my firm, when I represent sellers, I always have the escrow deposit held in my firm’s trust account, to guarantee that the escrow deposits are in fact made, are held during the pendency of the real estate closing, and disbursed correctly at the time of closing.

As a buyer, you want to make sure your escrow deposit is safe and not in the hands of someone that could use the funds and commit theft or fraud.

Whether you are about to sign a contract and need an Escrow Agent or require the services of a competent, real estate attorney, allow the Horvat Law Firm to guide you.